New Colonialism

Generation of Indonesia beloved indirectly "colonized" by foreigners in the form of new colonialism and which is intended to form a new occupation is gaming. Many young people who willingly for hours in Play Station (PS)  rental place just to fiddle with "magical objects" for personal satisfaction or group. In fact, there are mostly rented Play Station (PS) to be brought in the house or boarding house so that it can play up to a full day and there is also a till with two to three days. The young man stopped just in time to eat and bathe. PS fans moved from the front of the monitor when going to the bathroom. The Japanese or any other country is creating games like that very idea that people really like and easy Indonesia "fooled" so that they would modify or advanced the game (for example, no PS 1, PS 2, PS 3 ff.) That kills creativity of the nation's youth.

Why do I say kill the creativity of the nation's youth?

Time spent instead for a more productive activity but instead wasting time. This does not mean I am anti-gaming. When playing games in my spare time and it's probably is fine, but if it nearly every day it was not good. With the PS or other forms of games made social relationships so tenuous. The nation's youth to be people who just love to play in her own room. There was never any communication with the public or friends around. Strangely that is often doing it is the students who notabenenya are the ones who are considered smart to filter the influences from outside. So if the Indonesian crap it like mutual aid and cooperation. That's just nonsense. If at the time of Sukarno's possible. Now I think no longer. Sound too idealistic, but try to think about it .. When studying automotive or aviation technology developed by Japan and Germany it is more important than just being consumers of foreign products. But all of them back to their personal choice. Nothing is forced.
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